Coloban version 0.30.1 is available!


  • Gifs have come chats! More expressions are available for you now!
  • Adding icons for better user perception;
  • You can remove obsolete/incorrect/etc. projects now;


  • Core libraries upgraded;
  • Counters are altered in Chats in the Sidebar;
  • Windows version is disabled (temporarily);
  • Improvement for sidebar on mobiles;
  • Emojis select have the coloring for better perception;
  • ‘Add task’ buttons are moved to a better place;
  • Unread alert icon is altered;
  • Pinned message preview is updated;
  • ‘Attached files’ -> ‘’;
  • Altering Welcome text;
  • Adding Project avatar for better perception when creating a new topic;
  • Skipping mobile notifications is a user is online;
  • ‘Internal notifications’ block is upgraded;
  • Adding better text parsing for text with Emojis;
  • Multiple minor changes and re-wordings;


  • Fixing non-escaping message edits;
  • Fixing long-spread for assignees and time-control;
  • Fixing non-dropping search after clear search field;

‘Doing’ was not responsive sometimes;
iOS notifications are working fine now;
Multiple minor fixes and improvements;

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