Coloban version 0.97.21 is available!

There are almost no visible changes, but there are multiple tweaks ‘under the hood’! Icons are now properly visible in Android notifications; Project short names reflect the luminosity of the project’s colour; Fixed incorrect order of messages in some cases; Multiple performance and security improvements; Multiple minor bugs and tweaks;

Coloban version 0.30.2/3 is available!

Updates: Gifs sizes reduced for desktops; Fixes: Fixing non-dropping unread count; Not wiping contacts if they are coming from the local device; Adding better separation of allowance in topic when switch circles;

Coloban version 0.30.1 is available!

New: Gifs have come chats! More expressions are available for you now! Adding icons for better user perception; You can remove obsolete/incorrect/etc. projects now; Updates: Core libraries upgraded; Counters are altered in Chats in the Sidebar; Windows version is disabled (temporarily); Improvement for sidebar on mobiles; Emojis select have the coloring for better perception; ‘Add… Continue reading Coloban version 0.30.1 is available!

Coloban version 0.30.0 is available!

New: Project lister for Collaboration; You can Leave/Delete projects now; Projects may have avatars from now on; New animations with Examples for the introductory website; Project descriptions can have Markdown now; Updates: Core libraries upgraded; Multiple minor improvements and re-wordings; Fixes: Removing non-dropping message notifications if the topic is the same for received message; Multiple… Continue reading Coloban version 0.30.0 is available!