Coloban version 0.20.18 is available!

New: New ‘Recent Activity’ page showing the notifications throughout projects; Most recent message is now visible in the topics list; Parrot beak has got it’s own shiny website now! Updated: Core libraries upgraded; History page is removed in favour to new ‘Recent Activity’ page; Minor changes and improvements; Fixed: Calendar was not able to fetch… Continue reading Coloban version 0.20.18 is available!

Coloban version 0.20.16 is available!

New: Showing alert preferences; New hardware to let Coloban run even faster; Updates: Core libraries upgraded; Proper padding for registration and chat buttons; New topic name is changed from ‘My notes’ to Coloban; Fixes: Making sure Unread drops properly when no more Unread chats are left in the sidebar; Making sure Eisenhower matrix shows only… Continue reading Coloban version 0.20.16 is available!

Coloban version 0.20.15 is available!

New: Issues in Eisenhower Matrix have the project references now; Updates: Eisenhower Matrix todos are loaded for all projects as well now, not just for a specific project; Core libraries upgraded; Fixes: Padding for registration view on Mobiles is fixed; Removing vibration when the calling room is active already;

Coloban version 0.20.13 is available!

New: Better scrolls for multiple scroll areas; Updates: Adding better buttons distribution in message-proxy; ‘No connection…’ -> ‘Connecting…’; Timeframes renames to Burnup chart; Fixes: Fixing non-correctly appearing button for clearing the pinned message; Fixing non-loading extra issues in Eisenhower Matrix; Fixing dropping count if there is a connection reset; Fixing Any topic on Personal topics… Continue reading Coloban version 0.20.13 is available!

Coloban version 0.20.9 is available!

Updates: Visual layout and colours are updated! Eisenhower matrix has Add TODO button now as well; Multiple minor changes and improvements; Fixes: Bot messages were saving fine, but were showing incorrect response; Eisenhower matrix reacts properly now on a new message; Unread badge was not responsive in some cases; Multiple minor fixes;