Coloban version 0.11.6 is available!

New: New notifications for adding/removing users; Updates: Topic reader manager updated; Circle is added to issues exporter; Fixes: The statistics is showing properly now when there are no TODO results provided; Fixing non-responsive topic reload;

Coloban version 0.11.3 is available – Stand on your own!

New: Adding support for iOS devices allows you to chat and manage tasks on your favorite platform now – easy as!So, that is Web, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS now!Check out our Download page for more details.Please note, due to instability, calls are temporarily disabled for iOS on this version. Adding exporter for TODOs; Updates:… Continue reading Coloban version 0.11.3 is available – Stand on your own!

Coloban 0.10.13/14 released

New version of Coloban 0.10.14 (and 0.10.13) has been uploaded! Please see the changes below: Updated: Better notification if no permissions provided for Audio/Video calls; Edit circle is available from one place in Topic adder; Messages layout slightly updated; Event previews are re-organised in a better way; New: Adding link to forum from Coloban application;… Continue reading Coloban 0.10.13/14 released

Welcome to Coloban Forum!

Hi, Welcome to Coloban forum. Any discussion, question or suggestion you may want to start please start here. Please choose the right topic for that. The forum residents will try to respond to you as soon as possible 🙂 Regards,Coloban Team